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A Few More Months Before The Sun Gives Us Vitamin D

A Few More Months Before The Sun Gives Us Vitamin D

You may wish to consider taking Foodstate Vitamin D in winter because it is fundamentally important to our health and not very abundant in food

One billion people are estimated to be Vit D deficient!


Here’s what it does:

-  Strengthens Bones, especially with added Calcium
-  Protects children against Diabetes Type 1
-  Protects against High Blood Pressure
-  Protects against greater levels of Pain
-  Protects against Cancer
-  Improves Physical performance


People in Europe and children especially are the most deficient


The most common source of supplemental Vitamin D is from irradiated animal fat or cattle brains. Our food based D is extracted from Lanolin and then re-natured to become Food Vitamin D


Vitamin D Supplements: Like virtually all vitamin and mineral supplements, vitamin D is created as a synthetic equivalent to food Vit D. Our Foodstate D is in exactly the same form as that created by nature. Equally important is that ours is the biologically active form with active metabolites, rather than the more common inactive form that get stored in the organs in synthetic form.


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