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Are You Taking On A Sporting Challenge This Summer?

Are You Taking On A Sporting Challenge This Summer?

Diet and Nutrition provide essential support to your body when you are undertaking endurance exercise, not only in providing you with additional energy reserves but also in protecting the body from wear and tear


Which nutrients give us more energy?

GTF Chromium: A mineral that is required for energy production. It improves the uptake of glucose in to the cells


Magnesium improves athletic performance (via ATP production) and facilitates the production of energy, in-fact it increases the capacity for prolonged exercise by up to 50%! What’s scary is that 8 out of 10 people are deficient and endurance exercise further depletes reserves


5 Antioxidant Nutrients All in 1 Product – Zinc & copper, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Co-Enzyme Q10:

Zinc & Copper: Athletes are prone to zinc deficiency and copper is important for the body’s energy production


Vitamin C: Athletes need Vitamin C to alleviate fatigue and reduce muscle pain


Vitamin E: It improves athletic performance and helps prevent muscle damage, weakness and cramps


Selenium: Deactivates harmful free radicals, protects the heart and helps to prevent abnormal blood clotting. Endurance exercise increases excretion of Selenium, a mineral that most people are already deficient in

Co-enzyme Q10: Co-Q10 improves athletic performance by helping convert carbohydrates into energy, and improves blood circulation. It helps prevent damage to muscles and increases oxygen supplies to the mitochondria

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