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Avoid “Clogging” Food – Eat Plenty Of “Cleansing” Food!

Avoid “Clogging” Food – Eat Plenty Of “Cleansing” Food!

At times we all indulge in unhealthy eating and drinking habits, and despite it being thoroughly enjoyable, we develop a build-up of undesirable toxins which need to then be eliminated


Benefits Of A Balanced Diet: Eating a wide variety of foods is the key to a healthy, balanced diet, whether you eat meat or not. Certain foods like tofu, hempseed and some grains are rich and diverse in their amino acid (protein) content. The key is to eat a varied selection of plants to optimise protein intake because the body is very clever at balancing complementary amino acid levels from various vegetables, cereals, pulses, nuts and seeds. 


Can We Eat Too Much Meat Protein? Absolutely! The average America consumes 100 to 120 grams of protein daily, mostly animal-based. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, excess animal protein puts a great deal of stress on the kidneys causing premature aging and a higher risk of kidney stones. 

Excessive animal protein also causes osteoporosis, acid reflux, obesity, plaque build-up in the arteries, high blood pressure, pain from arthritis, high cholesterol, bad breath from sulphur-containing amino acids, and increased risk of cancer, especially liver and colon cancer


The China Study: The researcher concluded after 60 years of studies that plant sourced proteins helped to “switch off” cancer cells (apoptosis) while animal proteins did not. Our Organic Pea Protein is the richest form of plant-based protein available


The Dangers Of Acid-Forming Foods: Most toxic increases come from increased intake of acid forming foods and drinks and the digestive system is the first part of the body to be affected. Normal digestion is disrupted and our beneficial bacteria and nutrients are compromised. Toxic waste causes a build-up of harmful free radicals that destroy healthy cells and are implicated in many disease processes, including damage to our DNA


The Importance of Antioxidants: Proper food antioxidants help to scavenge, de-activate, combat and eliminate harmful free radicals, slowing down or blocking the chain reactions they cause, although research is critical of standard antioxidant supplements. Our Foodstate antioxidants have been shown to be superior and beneficial in reducing harmful free radical activity because our bodies recognise them as foods


Beneficial Probiotic Bacteria: These beneficial bacteria re-balance the digestive system to combat conditions that have been created by high acid forming foods. A regular course of our Probiotic helps promote our immune system and build better health. Many experienced health practitioners suggest three to four courses a year to promote our immune system and build better health


Caprylic Acid Complex for clearing out toxins and waste substances: Caprylic acid is a beneficial natural fatty acid which lowers harmful cholesterol levels. The ingredients in the caprylic acid complex help inhibit the growth of detrimental yeasts including candida in the digestive system. This formulation reduces inflammation, reduces bloating, gas, colic or discomfort, burping, flatulence, upset stomach, constipation, diarrhoea, or erratic bowel movement


Magnesium for Rebuilding Cells, Cleansing and Detoxification: Magnesium is a master nutrient for our physical and emotional health. It is estimated that 75% of us are magnesium deficient, which is a concern when you consider that almost all of the 100 trillion cells in our body require optimum magnesium for proper function.


Proper levels of magnesium are essential to provide cells with the energy to eliminate harmful, toxic waste. Optimum magnesium is required for the proper breakdown and absorption of Carbohydrates and Essential fatty acids


Magnesium is also essential for:

-  Transporting Calcium to cells 

-  Proper bone formation 

-  Calming and balancing brain functions  

-  Our cardiovascular system 

-  The proper creation of energy


The traditional so-called “natural” magnesium supplements are essentially chemicals and our bodies are not designed to use chemicals, they need food (foodstate) Magnesium

Summary: To improve your health through cleansing and detoxification, we recommend:

-  A one month course of both the Probiotic Beneficial Bacteria and the Caprylic Acid complex  

-  An ongoing daily intake of the Food State Multi-Antioxidant formula and Magnesium 

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