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It’s Holiday Season! Which Supplements Should You Take With You?

It’s Holiday Season! Which Supplements Should You Take With You?

If you take a whole selection of Foodstate products you are unlikely to want to take them all with you, so which ones should you take to stay fit and healthy when travelling?



Are you flying? If so the most important supplement is the Multi Antioxidant because the pressurised cabin of an aircraft causes considerable free-radical damage, which is another way of saying that healthy cells are damaged, becoming toxic and causing health risks. A very effective way of reducing cell damage is with Antioxidants, which prevent the oxidation of healthy cells. Take 3 of our multi-antioxidant before flying and another 3 shortly after landing.


Antioxidants are specific nutrients that “scavenge” and help “mop up” harmful free radicals. Our Foodstate antioxidant formula contains: Vitamins C and E, Beta Carotene, Zinc, Selenium, Co - Q10.

Catching bugs on Planes: The cabin of a plane is a perfect environment in which to catch a cold or flu, the last thing you want if you are leaving on holiday! High-dose Vitamin C provides an effective immune system boost that helps the body fight bugs before they manifest


Multi Vitamin/Mineral: A broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to help support the immune system 



Might you have a Drink or Two on Holiday? A bottle of wine with kill 60% of the Magnesium stored in your liver. Topping up your Magnesium levels helps reduce tiredness and fatigue – very useful if you are jet-lagged and hungover! It also helps with the function of your nervous system, and with better sleep patterns

Keeping your Energy levels High: To fully enjoy your holiday, it helps to be full of energy. Our Foodstate Vitamin B Complex contains all of the B Vitamins, which work synergistically to give you more energy

Protect the Skin: Avoid non-organic sunscreens, they contain nasty chemicals that get in to the bloodstream. Yaoh and Jason are both recommended healthy organic sunscreens




And When you get Home: You may want to consider a few ways of cleansing the body if you have over-eaten and had a few too many drinks:

Milk Thistle: A herb traditionally used for its protective effect on the liver 

Probiotic E505: Helps the gut recover from the excesses of over-eating and drinking. It regulates the digestion and allows the gut to better absorb nutrients 

Caprylic Acid: A healthy dietary fat and a combination of 8 herbs to remove candida from the gut and cleanse the intestinal tract


Back to Work? If the very thought fills you with dread and pulls you down then try our Karoshil, a foodstate product specifically designed to help deal with negative emotional states


Ongoing Nutritional Program: If you want to maintain a stronger immunity and overall improved health, then the following products provide a broad spectrum of nutrients that are in short supply in our food today:

-  Multi-Vitamin Mineral

-  Multi Antioxidant with Co-Q10

-  Vitamin B Complex

-  Magnesium


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