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Hot Weather Exhausting You?

Hot Weather Exhausting You?

B Vitamins And Magnesium Are Great “Pick-me-Up’s”


B vitamins work very well when taken together in Foodstate form. We tend to associate them with preventing tiredness and fatigue but there’s a lot more to B vitamins, for example, they:

-  Contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system, function of the heart and phychological function 

-  Contribute to normal maintenance of mucous membranes, and formation and maintenance of normal red blood cells 

-  Contribute to normal maintenance of the skin and vision 

-  Contribute to normal metabolism of iron, protein and glycogen

-  Contribute to protection of cells from oxidative stress

 -  Contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue 

-  Contribute to the function of the immune system and the regulation of hormone activity 

-  Contribute to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy 

-  Contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism and energy yielding metabolism


Magnesium: One of the really important minerals and one we as are nation are very deficient in. Why is Magnesium important?

-  Optimum Magnesium is required for over 300 important enzyme systems that regulate numerous biological functions 

-  Some of the beneficial functions include: Proper muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, blood pressure regulation, good energy production, supports healthy bones


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