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5 Healthy food choices and 5 Nasties!

5 Healthy food choices and 5 Nasties!

5 “Goodies”:

Raw Food: Consume as much raw and ripe foods as comfortable on a daily basis. The guideline is try to eat 20% of your total daily intake as raw foods

Healthy Fats: Only use cold pressed organic or extra virgin cooking oils purchased in dark glass containers, and store them somewhere dark. Consume organic flax and hemp seed oil daily to help the immune system 

Juicing: Consume daily freshly prepared ripe fruit and vegetable juices. Try adding our excellent Organic Pea Protein

Beetroot: A true “Superfood” and an excellent addition to the diet, ideally eaten raw and grated. It provides energy and supports healthy kidney function

Immune System: Organic Green tea is good as tea Polyphenols combat disease and strengthen our immune system


5 “Nasties”:

Refined Foods: Eliminate all refined foods, sucrose (white sugar), white bread products, non-organic pasta

Fizzy Drinks: Avoid all fizzy drinks (including water) made with refined sugars. These are sugars ending in “ose” such as sucrose, glucose, fructose and maltose. Sweeteners are even worse

Bad Fats: Eliminate all margarines and other so-called “health spreads”. Goat’s milk and cow’s milk butter is preferable but not in easy-spread form, it’s hydrogenated

Plastic: Plastic containers contain chemical residues that are disruptive to our immune system. Never put plastic in the oven or microwave

Emotions: Avoid negative emotional states, they are acid-forming. Consider yoga or meditation to relieve stress


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