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Back To School – Do They Need A Bit Of Help?

Back To School – Do They Need A Bit Of Help?

After weeks of sun, sea, holidays and countless hours on the Play-station, finally the children are going back at school and it may take a few weeks for them to start functioning properly again!


Here are a few suggestions to get the brain active and keep energy levels up all day:

Omega 3 Fish Oil: Often referred to as “brain food”, omega 3 fish oils improve levels of concentration. 

Iron: Foodstate Iron helps us avoid tiredness and fatigue

Magnesium: Foodstate Magnesium is essential for proper levels of physical/emotional energy and low levels can result in tiredness, fatigue, loss of stamina and insomnia. It’s essential for proper nerve function and deficiency is linked to mood swings, anxiety, stress and poor concentration. It can help reduce depression and memory loss and increases our learning ability. It also stops muscle cramps and encourages better sleep. 80% of Brits are thought to be Magnesium deficient

Vitamin B complex: B vitamins can be described as a great “pick-me-up”, and helps us avoid tiredness and fatigue. People who are always tired by mid-afternoon are often Vitamin B deficient. B Vitamins work well together so we recommend taking the foodstate Vitamin B complex which also contains Vitamin C to help with Vitamin B absorption and boost the immune system

And something to avoid: Refined sugar! It is so damaging to our metabolism, heart function, digestion, skin, teeth, cholesterol, and is the primary cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes. I could go on…..However, if your children have a sweet tooth, Foodstate GTF Chromium helps balance blood sugar



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