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Boosting The Immune System naturally

Boosting The Immune System naturally

Do you ever stop and consider why some people get colds and flu in winter and some people sail through winter without so much as a sniffle?


How Strong Is Your Immune System? It would be ridiculous to assume that some people get exposed to winter bugs and others don’t – we all get exposed to them. Some people have weaker immunities and get ill, others have stronger immunities and stay healthy


Here are 4 Foodstate products to support your immune system:

Multi Vitamin/Mineral-  A food based broad-spectrum Multivitamin with minerals and trace elements. 

Multi-Anti-oxidant with Co-Q10 and trace minerals, including Zinc and Selenium, reducing harmful free radicals within the body, which supports the immunity in many ways 

Vitamin C to help support cardiovascular function, reduce nerve impairment, support the immunity and help reduce the signs of aging 

Probiotic bacteria, friendly bacteria that help the intestine absorb beneficial nutrients and help remove toxic waste. The healthy function of the gut is fundamental to a stronger immune system




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