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Does Your Skin Dry Out In Winter?

Does Your Skin Dry Out In Winter?

Marketing is very persuasive and no more so than in the cosmetics industry. There is an old adage: “You shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t be prepared to eat”

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and is regularly exposed to an extraordinary number of unpleasant chemicals in health and beauty products that are sold to us through persuasive ads. An effective way to promote healthy skin is with nutrition, and Enoceride is a natural  nutritional skin product that has been developed using Foodstate nutrients


Marine Collagen: Enoceride is a foodstate supplement that is rich in marine collagen and elastin. It is a unique beauty supplement scientifically proven to help maintain good skin. Its special formula contains foodstate vitamins and minerals, which are effective antioxidants. These antioxidants promote good health and help combat harmful free radicals that may cause premature ageing – signs of which commonly appear on the skin, especially on the face

Zinc: Enhances the health of Skin by stimulating collagen formation. Red, greasy, flaky Skin at the side of the nose can occur as a result of Zinc deficiency.

Vitamin B5: Significantly improves Skin appearance after a few weeks of use and alleviates many ailments of the Skin:  

Vitamin C: Improves the health of Skin and prevents the premature formation of Wrinkles 

Vitamin E: Increases the elimination of cellular waste from the skin, increases the growth of new skin cells and improves blood circulation. Importantly, it minimizes the toxic effects of excessive exposure to ultra-violet radiation.  

Cartilage: As an added bonus, the collagen and elastin help support damaged cartilage and encourage re-grow over time – an important consideration for those with sports injuries

Water: Remember that 70% of the skin’s make-up is water, and proper re-hydration is important for skin health



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