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Can You Take Our Probiotic At The Same Time As Antibiotics?

Can You Take Our Probiotic At The Same Time As Antibiotics?

Yes, our Probiotic E505 which has 8 strains of healthy probiotic bacteria and 1 strain of prebiotic can and should be taken whilst on a course of Antibiotics

Sometimes you do need antibiotics to prevent or treat an infection, but it is estimated that HALF of antibiotics prescriptions are not needed. Many people believe that you can’t take a probiotic at the same time as taking antibiotics, but our E505 Probiotic, which becomes active in the gut, can be taken at the same time as antibiotics without affecting the performance of the antibiotic, and helping to preserve healthy gut bacteria


Do Antibiotics have side effects? They can do, in fact in the US it is estimated that 14000 people actually die each year from severe diarrhea caused by antibiotics. Other known side effects include vaginal infections, nausea and vomiting. More serious allergic reactions include blistering rashes, swelling of the face and throat, and breathing problems. Some antibiotics can cause permanent nerve damage and torn tendons.


Sometimes it is difficult to avoid Antibiotics, but if you have to take them what can you do to help yourself?


Probiotic: Our Probiotic E505 contains beneficial bacteria that replenishe the body's healthy bacteria that are destroyed by pharmaceutical antibiotics. The result is to re-balance the intestinal flora to improve our digestion of nutrients from our food, having an immune-boosting effect.



Vitamin B5: Evidence is showing that vitamin B5 may reduce the toxicity of many types of pharmaceutical antibiotics.



Selenium and Magnesium: These 2 foodstate minerals help prevent viral and bacterial diseases in the gut and should be taken during and after Antibiotics.




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