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Did You Have a Healthy January?

Did You Have a Healthy January?

If you want to improve your health in 2018 and have started well with healthy living, here are a few tips for improved health:



-  Probiotic E505 will improve digestion, reduce candida in the gut and support the immune system

-  Caprylic Acid will also remove candida, improve digestion and gently cleanse the gut. Very important if you have a slow digestion



-  Multi Vitamin and Mineral to replace all the nutrients now deplete in the soil

-  Multi Antioxidant with Co-Q10 to remove free radicals and protect the immune system

-  Vitamin C to help prevent colds and flu

-  Magnesium to help with energy release, support strong bones and teeth and support the nervous system


It should be mentioned that our farm soils are desperately deplete of essential nutrients compared to 60 years ago, so replacing them with foodstate supplements is an effective way of achieving improved health. We do not endorse the use of ordinary supplements because they are created in chemical/synthetic form and our bodies do not recognise them



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