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Do You Take Mineral Supplements?

Do You Take Mineral Supplements?

You might take Calcium to strengthen bones, Zinc to help the prostate or Magnesium to give you energy. You might have even been prescribed them by the Doctor but are they effective?

The chances are you are eating rocks! Most mineral supplements are labelled as “natural”, for example the calcium in an oyster shell is natural but it doesn’t mean we should eat it, especially if we value our teeth!


So what are these mineral supplements made of? Effectively a miniature rock bound to an acid, for example Potassium Sulphate is an inorganic potassium salt bound to sulphuric acid. It is then tabletted to become a mineral supplement. Don’t be fooled just because they are labelled as “Natural”, 99% of mineral supplements are made from inorganic mineral salts. So ignore the front label, always read the ingredients on the back. If you see words ending in “ate” for example carbonate, gluconate, orotate, phosphate, then avoid them.


Can We Benefit From Them? Not very easily because the human body does not have a mechanism to absorb, use and retain chemical minerals. We need them in a food (foodstate) form, not a rock form. We are not designed to eat rocks!


How do Foodstate Minerals Differ? Our minerals are put them through a growth process that copies exactly the action of the plant, changing an inorganic mineral salt in to a fully-formed food mineral with all the food elements added. We have receptor sites for food minerals so can enjoy all the wonderful benefits they provide to virtually every function of the human body.


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