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Healthy January? Consider Avoiding Pork

Healthy January? Consider Avoiding Pork

Bacon under the Grill Smells Delicious…However: Pork, and in particular processed pork, is not a healthy meat for humans


Here are some of the health concerns of consuming Pork:

-  It is high in acid and not a good meat all round

-  Chemicals in the meat react badly in the body

-  Dietary fats in pork create an environment for unwelcome parasites in the gut

-  Dietary fats in pork are bad for the human liver and the colon

-  Pork fat causes hypertension

-  Sodium nitrate in bacon is a listed cause of cancer:

-  It increases the risk of endometriosis and increases risk of ovarian cancer by 2.9 times

-  Bacon increases the risk of bladder cancer by 51%

-  As well as bacon, other common forms of processed pork are Salami, Pate, Pepperoni and Chorizo



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