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Do You Want A Healthier Diet But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Do You Want A Healthier Diet But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Too Many Choices?

We are bombarded with so-called healthy eating suggestions and it can all get a bit confusing, so in an effort to take it back to basics, here are some really useful suggestions to help you introduce healthier eating habits to improve your immune system and achieve a better sense of wellbeing 


10 Top Tips for Better Health:

  1. Remove from your diet all margarines and so-called “health spreads”. Instead use organic butter sparingly.

  2. Eat as much raw and ripe food as comfortable on a daily basis. Try to consume 20% of your diet as raw food and eat animal protein as an occasional treat rather than a daily habit.

  3. Only consume organic cold-pressed oils, especially hemp and flax seed oil. Only purchase these oils in dark bottles and keep them refrigerated.

  4. Add Shitake, Reishi and Maitake mushrooms to your diet once or twice a month and consume organic whole brown rice instead of white rice. Soybean products like Miso and Tofu are also very beneficial.

  5. Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables to boost the immunity, especially broccoli, cabbage, watercress and Brussels sprouts.

  6. Fruits (preferably organic) which are particularly beneficial are apples, cherries, apricots, pineapple (including the core), ripe bananas, figs, raspberries and cranberries.

  7. Drink at least one and a half litres of still water a day. Avoid fizzy drinks (including water) that contain refined sugar. Diet drinks contain sweeteners which are very damaging to your health.

  8. Cauliflower, cabbage, kale, broccoli and tofu all contain isothiocyanates that are potent healing substances.

  9. Eliminate all refined foods including refined sugar, white bread products and refined carbohydrates.

  10. For the sake of your digestion, chew your food thoroughly at all times. Eat live yoghurt (especially from goat’s milk) to inhibit the growth of detrimental bacteria in the gut.


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