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Do You Worry About Blood Pressure?

Do You Worry About Blood Pressure?

How Is It Gauged? 

Systolic blood pressure results from heart contraction of its ventricles.  

Diastolic blood pressure results from the resting stage of the heart’s rhythm.  Normal systolic/diastolic blood pressure in a healthy adult of average size is 120/80 mm Hg. Systolic blood pressure naturally increases with age and a 50 year old male would typically have a systolic reading of 134


Heart Function:

The healthy function of the heart greatly affects blood pressure, as does the elasticity of the blood vessels, the resistance to blood flow and viscosity of the blood. High blood pressure is at least in part due to an unhealthy lifestyle, and mostly affects men over 40 and women over 60. Poor diet, inadequate exercise, excess stress and inadequate nutrition affect cardiac health



Stress encourages elevated blood pressure by regularly activating the fight or flight mechanism, causing restriction of the blood vessels and at the same time speeding up the heartbeat to pump more blood round the system to prepare the body for what lies ahead

Further information including dietary advice can be found here:


And in brief, the following Foodstate Supplements support a healthy heart:

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Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin E


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