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IBS: Are Pharmaceutical Drugs The Answer?

IBS: Are Pharmaceutical Drugs The Answer?

It is frustrating to see so many people diagnosed with a digestive complaint given medications, including steroids, when all they might need is some dietary advice and a good Probiotic


What are the common causes of digestive complaints? Modern diets which include over-consumption of refined and processed foods and reliance on medications, all disrupt the balance required for proper gut function. An inefficient digestive system has a direct correlation to nutritional deficiency and weakened immunity because we prevent our guts from digesting the nutrients in our food that form the bedrock of our health


How Can We Help? There are certain nutrients and some digestive aids that can significantly improve the function of the gut and reduce or remove the unpleasant symptoms of IBS and other gut complaints. They include certain foodstate antioxidant nutrients as well as an effective probiotic and a dietary fatty acid combined with a number of herbs all associated with improved gut function. Nutritional and dietary advice can be found here:


Are Probiotics Suitable For Everyone? In a word, Yes. If you have had antibiotics you should definitely take a probiotic, but otherwise, taking a 2 week course once per year is excellent for the digestive and immune systems



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