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Everyone Seems to Have Flu!

Everyone Seems to Have Flu!

It may sound a bit flippant but getting colds and flu is more of a choice than you may think.

Ultimately it all comes down to the strength of your immunity and whether it is stronger than the bug attacking you.


Here are a some Immune-boosting suggestions:

-  Vitamin C: Our foodstate Vitamin C is actually what it says on the tin – Vitamin C in the same form as you find in live food rather than its synthetic equivalent, ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is water soluble so needs regular replenishment, and is known to boost the immunity. If you feel you are about to go down with a bug, take 8 in one day, then 4 each day thereafter for 7 days. Because foodstate products are food nutrients, you have no concerns about overdosing


-  Beta-Glucans: You can genuinely stop a virus before it manifests itself and makes you ill. Beta-Glucans 1,3 and 1,6 help activate the immune system, alerting the body to help defend itself against viral and bacterial invaders – and they really work well! How? Flu viruses “bind complement” which means they stop the part of the immune system that responds to fight viruses, called “complement”, from working. Beta-Glucans actively and specifically inhibit this binding effect and so ensures activation of the immune system in response to the viral invader. Infection from viruses takes about 48 hours after the virus has entered the body. If the immune system is activated it will prevent the virus from replicating, so effectively the flu symptoms will not start


-  A food based broad-spectrum Multivitamin with minerals and trace elements


-  A food structure Multi-Anti-oxidant with Co-Q10 and trace minerals, including Selenium, reducing harmful free radicals within the body, which supports the immunity in many ways.


-  Essential fatty acids to support many important metabolic processes involving the immune system.


-  Probiotic bacteria, friendly bacteria that help the intestine absorb beneficial nutrients and help remove toxic waste


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