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Exam Time! Important Health Tips To Help Your Children Succeed

Exam Time! Important Health Tips To Help Your Children Succeed

Nutrition can support us in 3 important ways when approaching exam time:


1. Maintaining Energy Levels:

Magnesium: Foodstate Magnesium is essential for proper levels of physical/emotional energy and low levels can result in tiredness, fatigue, loss of stamina and insomnia. 80% of Brits are thought to be Magnesium deficient

B Vitamins: Regarded as a good “pick-me-up”. B Vits work very well together which is why our Vitamin B Complex contains all 8 B vitamins + Vit C to help with Vitamin B absorption

Iron: Foodstate Iron helps us avoid tiredness and fatigue


2. Keeping Stress and Anxiety Under Control

Magnesium: Deficiency is linked to mood swings, anxiety, stress and poor concentration. It can help with memory loss and increases our learning ability

B Vitamins: Vitamin B3 in particular helps with stress, anxiety depression and aggressiveness. B vitamins in general support a healthy nervous system and promote better sleep patterns


3. Helping with Memory and Concentration

Magnesium: Deficiency is linked to poor concentration and memory loss

B Vitamins: Vitamin B3 deficiency in particular is associated with poor memory and confusion

Omega 3 Fish Oil: The DHA (an essential fat) in omega 3 fish oil is essential for learning behaviour and is often referred to as “brain food”. It helps us concentrate and improves memory



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