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Food Based Minerals or Inorganic Rocks?

Food Based Minerals or Inorganic Rocks?

The Calcium in an oyster shell is “natural” but that doesn’t mean we should eat it, especially if we value our teeth!


Incredibly, 98% of so-called “natural” mineral supplements are sold it their inorganic basic “rock” form. Yes they are natural but they certainly aren’t foods, so don’t be fooled!


Mineral supplements are industrially produced by pharmaceutical companies and sold as “natural”, BUT they will:

-  Never be a truly complete nutrient source. 

-  Never replace all the functions of food minerals.

 -  Always be unnatural substances to the body.

 -  Always strain the body by requiring that it detoxify or dispose of their unnatural structures/chemicals.

-  Never be utilized, absorbed, and retained the same as food nutrients.

 -  Never be able to have the antioxidant effects the same as food nutrients.

 -  Always be industrial products.

 -  Always be composed of petroleum-derivatives, hydrogenated sugars, acids, and/or industrially-processed rocks.

 -  Never build optimal health the same as food nutrients.


Plants are naturally intended to ingest rocks - humans are not!


Foodstate Minerals exist in exactly the same form as minerals created by plants, making them much better absorbed used and retained by the body


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