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Fats that Kill

Hydrogenated Fats are dangerous:

This is a manufactured fat commonly used in processed foods and should be excluded from the diet. It is a fat that has been altered by heat from a natural structure usually sourced from healthy polyunsaturated vegetable oil.

Partial-Hydrogenation is an industrial process that utilizes hydrogen gas at high temperatures to modify the unsaturated fatty acids found in dietary plant oils into mutated substances. This process converts the structure of the unsaturated fatty acids in dietary oils from Cis-Fatty Acids to highly toxic trans-fatty-acids.

Trans-fatty acids

They are an altered form of healthy essential fatty acid and these chemical substances should not form any part of your diet.

These undesirable fats are not required by the body and adversely interfere with the immune system, and increase risk and progression of cancer by altering the activity of liver enzymes

They form fatty deposits within blood vessel walls and are implemented in the formation of blood clots. Reducing animal fats in the diet reduces the production of harmful trans-fats

Fats Summary

Fats are essential to the body and we can manufacture some good and bad fats, others we need from our diet. Fats provide energy and perform many vital functions, however, synthetically produced fats are best avoided. Low fat products were introduced to offer us the benefit of consuming fats without gaining weight, but the body has great difficulty processing these artificial fats, and research shows that they cause weight gain


Fats are one of the most complex issues with regard to health - we need them but in balance. Artificially manufactured fats are best to be avoided, in fact caution should be exercised when consuming any altered foods. Consuming oils and fats as close to the way nature designed them is the best way; this means consuming organically produced extra virgin oils and fats that have a natural structure for the body to use.

Butter is better than so-called “health spreads” and do not deliver harmful Trans-fatty acids. Organic butter in moderation does not result in high levels of cholesterol. Butter is saturated and therefore does not produce harmful trans acids even when heated. Cooking with olive or sunflower oil is better for our health than the manufactured high temperature frying oils.

Choose organically produced unrefined oils and fats the body can metabolise, breaking them down to the beneficial components and eliminating the unwanted fats – something much more difficult to do with trans fats. Cold pressed is another good indication that the oil has not been altered

The Hunza people of northern Pakistan, who obtain their essential fats from nuts and seeds and exclude all processed oils from their diet, do not suffer from cardiovascular disease, cancers and live for over one hundred years in good health

In India, people who consume clarified butter called “ghee” have one of the lowest rates of heart disease in the world. Ghee contains a fatty acid called butyric acid, which posesses properties that are anticancer and antiviral

The traditional Eskimo diet contained an extraordinary amount of fat (up to 80%). However, they did not suffer from heart disease because this fat, derived from seal and whale, was in a natural form that the body could process

One last note, the liver is fundamental to the metabolism of fats; according to Chinese philosophy it is the seat of many emotions. The intake of altered and manufactured fats and oils can imbalance the liver resulting in emotional disturbance.

Fats are absolutely linked with our health status, therefore the recommendation is that selections are based on the unaltered, unrefined and unprocessed choices available. These oils and fats should be purchased in glass were relevant and stored away from the light and high temperatures

A note on our Essential Fatty Acid Complex: Essential fats are unfortunately very susceptible to damage from sunlight and air. Our essential fats (extracted from Flax seeds) are unique in that the Foodstate growth process protects the fats from becoming unstable or oxidised. No other product achieves this. It is an excellent product to take daily for improved health