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Form a healthy habit to feel at your best

Form a healthy habit to feel at your best

There is no doubt whatsoever that taking Foodstate products on a consistent basis leads to better health and stronger immune systems.

Here at The Foodstate Company, we encourage customers to stay consistent with their supplement intake. The results can be dramatically different from those who purchase occasionally, normally as a reaction to a health issue.

Forgetting a daily dose of your supplements won’t cause any serious problems. But inconsistent intake will affect how well your supplements work. It can take time to build up levels in the cases of deficiencies. Some vitamins can’t be stored in the body either and so regular supplementation is key to maintain normal levels.

Taking a new supplement for a week might not result in immediate changes. As with any prescription medication, it can sometimes take weeks to see results.

The body likes to stay in balance

We are permanently bombarded by exterior factors that influence the balance of our health, including stimulants like alcohol and nicotine, processed food, refined sugar and medications. Your health will stay in balance if you can avoid these and maintain a well-balanced nutritional base.

How do nutrients help?

They affect every single function of the human body, every metabolic process, the strength of our immune systems and the speed at which we age. Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Prize winner was famous for saying, “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”.

The human body requires at least 60 minerals for optimum health, but only 8 are available in any kind of quantity in most of the food we eat today!

Do we absorb everything that we consume?

With most food nutrients, we either absorb them straight away or store them for later use. If we don’t require any more reserves, we eliminate them naturally. That doesn’t apply to all nutrients – Vitamin C for example, can’t be stored, so we need regular replenishment.

What about supplements?

There is an issue with ordinary supplements. Despite often being referred to as ‘natural’, most vitamins are in synthetic form and most minerals are in chemical form. In both cases, our ability to recognise and absorb them is limited because we simply don’t have receptor sites for non-food nutrients.

Foodstate supplements however, are fully recognised and absorbed by the body, because they share identical structures to food nutrients.


 Combination of supplements


Should we take supplements if we feel fit and healthy?
In a word – yes. We cannot deny that our farm soils are desperately depleted of the nutrients that existed 60 years ago. As a result, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in deficiency diseases, which accounts for pretty much all disease anyway. We are also living longer and our health and immunity will remain stronger if we have additional help with Foodstate supplements.

Helpful supplement tips

Every nutrient plays an important role in the human body but some can be considered more ‘essential’ than others:

This important group of nutrients remove harmful toxins from the body and protect us from chronic disease, in particular cancer and heart disease.

Magnesium and Selenium
These are two minerals that are so important to the function of the human body that everyone should take them. It is widely believed that if everyone took additional Selenium, there would be a dramatic decrease in several common cancers.

The strength of the immune system is directly related to the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. And that function is improved with the occasional use of our Probiotic (1x two-week course every six months).

Essential Fats
We cannot exist without consuming essential fats. Ours are derived from either whole crushed fish (with livers removed) or from Flax seeds. Equally, saturated and hydrogenated fats are desperately unhealthy.

Multi Vitamin/Mineral
An excellent multi-nutrient that contains a small amount of a broad spectrum of nutrients often deficient from our diets.

These are general suggestions that can be applied to all people of all ages. To view the full range, take a look on our site.


Vitamins and orange


Keep it consistent
Along with everything else in our busy lives, remembering to take your supplements can be a challenge. So, here are the three simple things we can do to help us out:

Keep it regular

Aim to take your supplements at the same time every day so that it becomes routine. Perhaps set a reminder on your phone for each day, until you’ve formed the habit.

Make them visible

Keep them at the front of your mind by making them visible. We find that storing them on our desks or worktops gives us a daily prompt.

Split them up

Your supplement jars don’t have to be kept in one place. Divide the pills up in different places, maybe at home and at the office. A pillbox can be really helpful to keep tablets organised and freshly sealed too.

Above all, remember, consistency is key!

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