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Healthy herbs and top tips for a summer detox

Healthy herbs and top tips for a summer detox

Let’s be honest, after the testing times over the last year and a half, it’s no surprise that we’ve all been tempted to let ourselves go a little (or a lot), now that life is gradually returning to some kind of normal.

During the summer, eating out more regularly and having a few more drinks than usual is going to take its toll. And unfortunately, for those with an increased dependence on refined and processed food, the load on the digestive system is often increased.

So, as well as adopting a diet based on organic wholefoods, vegetables, fruits and grains, it’s very important to put on the brakes and detox from time to time.

There are plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables that can help your body cleanse itself from harmful toxins and rejuvenate you from within.

Here are 3 summer foods to help you with your detox:

94% of a watermelon's weight is water. It’s one of the most hydrating foods during warmer weather. By filling you up with water and nutrients, it helps prevent toxic build up. It's also packed with vitamin A and C, which can work wonders for your skin and is loaded with lycopene which helps boost eye health too.

Cucumber is made up of about 95% water and is a classic hydrating and cool food. It eliminates toxins from the body and contains a great range of bioavailable minerals, vitamins and electrolytes.

Lemons, in either juice or extract form, have many health benefits. Lemon juice (drunk early morning) improves the function of liver metabolism. They are great for the digestive system and can help to reduce swelling, inflammation and water retention. Being antibacterial in nature, they also help flush out bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections.


Certain herbs have very helpful detoxifying effects, are nutrient rich and help with the function of the gut. Here are a few that might make sense to you if you have had a ‘busy’ summer!

Milk Thistle
Our Milk Thistle product is 400mg of powdered whole-herb milk thistle in capsule form. It is sometimes referred to as Silymarin Marian Thistle and St. Mary’s Thistle, and is a tall prickly herb with a milky sap and belongs to the sunflower family. Milk Thistle has traditionally been used for its protective effect on the liver.

Organic Kelp
Our Organic Kelp supplement contains 3 species of wild bladderwrack, a type of seaweed. Kelp is rich in Iodine which helps with the production of thyroid hormones and thyroid function. Iodine also supports cognitive function and proper function of the nervous system.


Organic Garlic
Full of antioxidant compounds and may also help maintain several of the body’s vital systems, such as the immune and cardiovascular systems, for example. It supports a healthy gut and research has also shown that it may help maintain normal fat metabolism.

Red Yeast Rice
Contains plant sterols that contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Additional support is offered by the inclusion of Hawthorn Berry and Co-Enzyme Q10.

Let us help to get you back on track!

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