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Gentlemen, If You Are Over 50 Protect The Prostate!

Gentlemen, If You Are Over 50 Protect The Prostate!

Our Prostate formula is the result of a thoroughly researched program to create a multi nutrient that supports the health of the Prostate. Prostate cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in men, so understanding how to protect it is important to all men


To Order This Product: Please email me directly, we are not allowed to make claims about nutrients that support the Prostate so this product is not on my website. It appears that you can only promote Prostate health with pharmaceutical drugs!


Zinc and the Prostate: The prostate contains more Zinc than any other organ of the male body. Zinc is a trace mineral with many functions of the body and immune system. Many processed foods not only are deficient in Zinc but their consumption reduces the body further of Zinc as the immune system try’s to defend itself


Selenium and the Prostate: Daily consumption of 200 μg of Selenium is associated with an average reduction in the risk of Prostate Cancer of 63%. In fact Selenium supplementation has been shown to reduce total cancer incidence, not just Prostate cancer



Other Nutrients that support the Prostate: There are 14 foodstate nutrients in this formula, all relevant to the health of the Prostate gland. This is cheap insurance to promote prostate health



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