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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We generally feel healthier in Summer, we tend to exercise more, eat healthier food and take more exercise. If we feel fit physically it normally improves our mental fitness.


Here are a few ideas to improve both physical and mental health:

-  Eat plenty of raw food. Instead of your usual toast or cereal for breakfast why not try a healthy smoothie with Organic Pea Protein, the richest plant-based protein available. Here are a few recipes: 



-  Avoid Stress: If you are inclined to suffer from negative emotional states, try Karoshil, a foodstate multi-nutrient formula created to support people through stressful situations



-  Take Foodstate Magnesium: It improves energy levels and sleep patterns



-  Take our Foodstate Multi Vitamin/Mineral: The demands on our farm land has depleted the soil of essential nutrients for our health. Our Multi Vitamin/Mineral formula provides a broad spectrum of essential nutrients


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