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Standard Calcium & Magnesium Supplements Compete for Absorption

Standard Calcium & Magnesium Supplements Compete for Absorption

Calcium and Magnesium are essential nutrients for humans for a multitude of reasons, but are not very helpful in standard supplemental form. There are over 30 different chemical forms of calcium supplements, inappropriately called “natural” and never found in live food anywhere on this planet. There are not quite so many inorganic forms of Magnesium, but the story is much the same.


To make it worse, when you take these 2 minerals together in this isolated form, they actually compete for absorption. Taken individually, absorption rates are very poor, so to further reduce it by taking them together makes them even less effective.


In fact these chemical forms of calcium negatively interfere with the absorption of Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Phosphorus.





Calcium and Magnesium play slightly different roles, but between them they are essential with regards the following conditions:

-  Osteoporosis


-  High Blood Pressure


-  Obesity


-  Insomnia


-  Impaired eyesight and hearing


-  Digestive health


-  Maintaining physical and emotional energy


-  Maintaining a healthy nervous system


-  Alleviating symptoms of PMS


-  Maintaining a healthy prostate


Foodstate Calcium and Magnesium work together in complete harmony and are much better absorbed, used and retained than any other form


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