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Importance of a healthy gut back in the Press again!

Importance of a healthy gut back in the Press again!

Good Probiotics kick-start healing processes


A month’s course of our E505 probiotic bacteria can have a profound effect upon the digestive system, immune system and elimination processes in the body.


Probiotics assist the immune system by ensuring efficient digestion of food and promoting the effective movement of food through the colon and therefore proper elimination.  This is important for clearing the body of toxins and therefore vital for maintaining health and well-being.


When we over indulge in foods and beverages we tend to build up an acid (and often toxic) level of waste substances. This is a highly undesirable profile not only for our colon to properly process and eliminate waste but may also prevent additional beneficial nutrients from being utilised by the body. A sensible step is to build up the beneficial bacteria to reduce the toxic burden and provide our digestive system with the beneficial bacteria necessary to rebalance the colon.


Research has shown that optimum levels of beneficial probiotic bacteria help improve our resistance to additional digestive system imbalances that include:


-  Reducing acidity

-  Constipation

-  Diarrhoea

-  Lowering Cholesterol levels

-  Gastroenteritis

-  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

-  Urinary Tract Infections

-  Helps to prevent and treat Allergies

-  Helps to prevent infection from Influenza Viruses

-  Optimum levels have also been shown to help reduce obesity


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