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It’s Nuts!

It’s Nuts!

Nuts are an important part of a healthy diet, but some are healthier than others


As we approach Christmas we are more likely to eat nuts so here are a few helpful notes for you:

-  People who consume 8-10 almonds per day for three weeks experience an average 7% reduction in total serum cholesterol levels and on average a 10% reduction in the less desirable LDL cholesterol levels

-  Brazil nuts must be eaten fairly fresh – up to 3 months old. Many stored Brazils (6-8 months) have been found to contain harmful rancid oils and fats. When fresh this nut contains good levels of selenium and healthy fatty acids

-  Pecan, macadamia, pistachio nuts and walnuts contain a nutrient called beta-sitosterol which supports the immune system and have cancer-fighting properties

-  Cashew nuts provide valuable magnesium that is essential for energy release within our cells and is also important for heart function

-  Pine nuts are a delicious addition to salads

Those listed above are alkalising nuts. To obtain maximum benefit, nuts should be very thoroughly chewed and it is good practice to store nuts in an airtight container to prevent the valuable oils from becoming rancid. Over-consumption of nuts can have adverse effects and can be high in calories, but they are an ideal snack to have a few times a day


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