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Pork, Ham and Bacon – Yummy But Eat Sparingly!

Pork, Ham and Bacon – Yummy But Eat Sparingly!

There are few foods that smell as lovely as bacon under the grill but you should be aware of the dangers of eating pork products regularly


You shouldn’t rob yourself of the pleasures associated with eating unhealthy foods occasionally – unless of course you are trying to overcome a health condition where complete abstinence is required. With regards pork we suggest eating it as an occasional treat rather than regularly consuming it. Why?


-  Consumption of pork products increases the risk of undesirable intestinal parasites


-  It is a very acidic meat and in its many forms (bacon/salami) it contains a synthetic preservative called sodium nitrite, which contributes to poor health and known to cause headaches and migraines


-  The toxic by-products of sodium nitrite combine with amino acids in the stomach to form nitrosamines that are extremely potent toxins. Bacon, salami, corned beef, pork sausages and frankfurters all help create these potent carcinogens which increase our risk of cancer


-  If you are to eat pork occasionally try to get it from pasture-fed pigs rather than “battery” pigs


-  When cooking pork, avoid frying methods


Coffee: It isn’t often that we talk about the benefits of coffee, but here is one: Fresh coffee (organic preferably) helps inhibit the conversion of sodium nitrite to toxic nitrosamines within the stomach, due to its polyphenols content, so a bacon roll with fresh coffee is better than just a bacon roll!



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