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Joint & Bone nutrient program

Joint and bone health is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, especially for menopausal women, and with a variety of conflicting stories around, this article clarifies what is good and bad for joints and bones, and how Food and Food State nutrients fit into the picture.

Basic knowledge tells us that bones contain calcium, and bone nutrition began with supplying as much calcium as possible to people with brittle bones. Unfortunately the logic does not fully stand up to scrutiny because bones consist of far more than calcium.

Bones are in fact a complex structure of many mineral compounds (including Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, Silicon and Sulphur), along with protein and collagen to build up the honeycomb matrix. What tends to happen with high doses of calcium supplements (e.g. calcium carbonate), is that the excess in the blood actually needs to be balanced, and to achieve that balance phosphorus is taken from the bones with the net result being further corrosion.

So how do Food State nutrients help this situation? Primarily, all our nutrients have their own inherent delivery systems, so that they won’t rob the body of its own resources to satisfy their own needs. Secondly our formulae are carefully designed to include a variety of nutrients needed for particular functions within the body, rather than focusing on just one element.

We recommend taking these 4 products as a program:

Joint and Bone formula

EFA complex


Vitamin C