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Keeping Healthy on a Budget

Keeping Healthy on a Budget

I often get asked “If I can only afford a few products what should they be?”


The best value Foodstate products are the multi-nutrient ones. Here are 3 that can significantly improve your health within a modest budget:

Multi Vitamin/Mineral: This multi-nutrient provides a little of all the nutrients that might be deficient in our diets due to insufficient farm soils. In foodstate form it is better absorbed, used and retention. In nature, vitamins and minerals work synergistically, so rely on each other for proper absorption, and the same is achieved with foodstate nutrients


Multi Antioxidant with Co-Q10: Fundamental to removing harmful free radicals (toxins) from the body and playing a significant role in disease prevention and immune support


Joint & Bone Formula: All of the vitamins and minerals that support the health of muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones



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