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Season’s Greetings!

Season’s Greetings!

A Very Happy Christmas To All My Customers And A Prosperous And Healthy 2020!


It’s been proven that if you eat something you really enjoy, even if it’s regarded as an unhealthy food, it can still have health benefits because of the “feel-good” factor it provides. I wouldn’t recommend it every day, but Christmas is a time of celebration so let’s all enjoy ourselves and enjoy breaking the rules a little!


If you eat too much:

  • Take a Probiotic, it settles the stomach and prevents the uncomfortable feelings of eating too much rich food

  • Take Caprylic Acid, a healthy dietary fat and multi-herb that prevents candida building up in the gut and if you feel the waistline growing, it keeps you “regular”


If you drink too much:

  • Take Milk Thistle, a herb that supports and protects the liver

  • Take Magnesium, it is known to help with hangovers and replaces the Magnesium that alcohol purges from the liver


And If You Are Feeling A Bit Stressed By the Mother-In-Law:

  • Take Karoshil, and multi nutrient designed to help with negative emotional states, especially stress


And If You Feel The Immune System Waining:

  • Take Foodstate Multi-Antioxidant with all the nutrients relevant to a strong immune system

  • Take additional Vitamin C especially if you can sense a cold or flu developing


My sincerest thanks for your continued custom and I look forward to helping to keep you healthy in 2020!

- Andy Barnes



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