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Let’s give our Children a Healthy Start in Life

Let’s give our Children a Healthy Start in Life

The nutritional guidelines presented to children during this time of life profoundly influence their health profile and food choices for years to come. Their Immune Systems do not fully develop until they are about 18 and it is during the formative years of childhood development that independent attitudes and behaviour patterns are established, both physically and emotionally.

Peer pressure can influence children in their choices of fast food, confectionary and other less desirable food groups. Parents need to be aware of these factors that directly contribute to even mild obesity. Here we list a few health concerns about refined sugar 



Sucrose is damaging to:

-  The Cardiovascular system

 -  The Digestive system 

-  The Immune system 

-  The Nervous system 

-  Teeth

It is also the biggest contributor to the dramatic rise in Type 2 Diabetes, and it purges essential vitamins and minerals from the body.

Acne: Over 80% of people between the ages of 12 and 18 are affected in some way by acne. A healthy diet earlier in life will help reduce skin complaints if undesirable foods like confectionary, bakery products, processed foods and anything containing artificial sugars are avoided. High consumption of milk is associated with poor skin condition including eczema.

Most commercial shampoos and soaps contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate and propylene glycol that can contribute to skin allergies.


The following products are fundamentally supportive to Childrens’ health and Immune Systems:

Probiotic Eco 505: Healthy bacteria to improve the gut flora and boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and enhance the immune system



EFA Complex: Essential fatty acids essential to the mental and physical development of children



Childrens Multi-Vits and Minerals: Essential food vitamins and minerals that are in short supply in the food chain, to support the immune system and healthy growth of children



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