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Look and feel great with Marine Collagen Water

Look and feel great with Marine Collagen Water

We’re set for the temperatures to rise over the coming days and so why not order your packs of FYX today and enjoy all the benefits of this great tasting and thirst quenching drink? Your body will definitely thank you for it.
As the body ages, the natural production of collagen reduces. This has a detrimental effect on the skin, hair, nails and joints.
To combat this, try FYX – a healthy, tasty and hydrating 2500mg Marine Collagen drink, available in two refreshing flavours.
FYX infuses collagen with water and a range of antioxidants and immune boosting ingredients. In a convenient 400ml bottle and at just 31 calories, it fits into our daily lives, providing long-term health benefits and nutrition.
It has been designed to help replenish the body’s recovery, support joints, repair ligaments and boost stamina. It enhances hair, nails and improves skin hydration and elasticity too. It can also revitalise cognitive function, help with weight loss, reduce fatigue and promote better sleep.
No measuring or mixing required. Simply chill, open and enjoy. Get all of the benefits for less than the price of a fancy coffee.
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