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Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc – Master Minerals!

Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc – Master Minerals!

As humans we need 60 minerals for optimum health but the reality is, we only have 8 in any sort of quantity in our Western diets.

Whilst we can link most human disease to a mineral deficiency, there are 3 minerals that really deserve special attention because they are genuinely essential to the maintenance of our health and are genuinely lacking in our farm soils


Soil Deficiency: It is estimated that 70% of us are Zinc deficient, 80% of us are Magnesium deficient and more than 80% of us are Selenium deficient, and we really don’t want to be deficient in any of these 3



If you were to pose the question “who needs selenium?” the answer would be simple: Everyone! It is one of nature’s best protectors against common cancers and depending on which research documents you review, as a nation we could reduce rates of common cancers like prostate and breast cancer by up to 60% by simply taking 200mcg of Selenium every day. That has to be the cheapest insurance you could possibly buy. So


What does Selenium do?

  • Immune System: This mineral is fundamental to a strong immune system and optimum selenium levels have been shown in clinical studies to help reduce the risk of developing many different forms of undesirable Cell Mutations. Clinical studies have also shown that optimum selenium levels significantly help to stimulate and increase the white blood cells that defend the body against foreign organisms by producing more antibodies.
  • Heart Health: Optimum selenium levels of this important mineral helps to protect our Cardiovascular Systemand promote a healthy heart
  • Digestive System: Many common ailments are considered to be associated with a compromised digestive system. This means that there is a greater number of what are known as detrimental bacteria/ microorganisms often “crowding out” the beneficial bacteria. Selenium helps to inhibit the development of detrimental microorganisms, preventing viral and bacterial ailments. People with digestive complaints commonly exhibit abnormally low selenium levels



Other Benefits of Selenium:

  • It helps block the entry to cells of harmful Antigens
  • It helps reduce Inflammation
  • It helps prevent and treat Autoimmune Disease
  • Research shows that 200mcg of selenium daily helps prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).
  • It improves prostate function and can help to prevent enlarged prostate


What causes a deficiency? The primary cause is a lack of selenium in our soils, but further depletion is caused by:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Mercury Dental Fillings
  • Aluminium cans and cookware




The benefits of this mineral is too long to list – Magnesium play a role in over 300 metabolic and enzymatic processes that help regulate numerous biological functions. Here are some of the important ones:

  • Cells and Bones: About 99% of the magnesium in our body works within the cells and over 60% is deposited in the bones. It’s water soluble so needs regular replenishment.
  • Toxicity: Magnesium is a key alkalising mineral and helps prevent toxic burden within the cells
  • Muscle Function: It supports proper muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, blood pressure regulation and good energy production
  • Teeth: Our teeth require about 1% of the body’s store of magnesium and it helps harden teeth and prevent tooth decay
  • Hangovers: Optimum magnesium helps alleviate many symptoms of hangovers and also helps reduce the craving for tobacco
  • Other Functions: Blood glucose control, blood pressure regulation, improved digestion and energy production
  • What causes depletion? Aside from low levels in the soil, depletion is further caused by: Alcohol, refined sugars, caffeine, saturated fats, high intake of dairy products, fluoride and many pharmaceuticals



We consume about 70% below the required daily intake of magnesium.  Most high-dose magnesium supplements are difficult to absorb and also interfere with calcium absorption so only take these minerals in foodstate form because they work in complete harmony together. Selenium is essential for absorption of magnesium




Like Magnesium, Zinc plays multiple roles in the maintenance of our health:


  • A Powerful Antioxidant: This powerful antioxidant mineral helps to treat the common cold, flu, and helps prevent bacterial and viral diseases
  • Healthy Skin: Zinc helps enhance the health and appearance of skin by stimulating collagen, a protein that keeps the skin soft, supple and younger looking. Almost 20% of our zinc is stored in the skin
  • Mental Health: Our brain needs optimum zinc to improve memory, learning and mood. Zinc deficiency has been linked with anxiety and depression
  • Sexual Performance: Research has found that zinc can improve Sexual Performance. Because zinc is concentrated in the prostate gland, male impotence can be caused by zinc deficiency
  • Sense of Taste: Poor sense of taste is experienced this can be the result of zinc deficiency, increased sense of thirst can also be associated with a zinc deficiency
  • Body Odour: Body odour can result when there is a of Zinc deficiency.
  • Nails: As a result of zinc deficiency the Nails may show white specks or nails that split easily may occur.
  • Digestive health: Optimum zinc has been shown to be beneficial for many disturbances of the Digestive System



Zinc in the Diet: Surveys found that 70% of the adult population of western nations are deficient in zinc due to poor quality farm soil. Foodstate Zinc: In Peer reviewed studies the Foodstate Zinc was much more effective compared to chemical forms with 72% more absorbed into blood and 87% more retained in liver and excreted much more slowly demonstrating that the Food State Zinc is stored much more in body tissues than other forms of Zinc


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