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Muscle Cramps? What a nightmare!

Muscle Cramps? What a nightmare!

Cramp is very often caused by a simple mineral deficiencyLeg cramps can be painful and debilitating, and can often interrupt sleep with incidences more common at night-time


-  Magnesium deficiency is often the most likely cause

-  It is also associated with a deficiency of Zinc and Calcium

-  Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C can help cramps associated with poor circulation

-  Muscle cramps may respond to Vitamin E supplementation when associated with intense exercise


But ultimately, the 2 most likely causes are Magnesium and Calcium deficiency.


Foodstate recommendation: Take 2 x Multi Antioxidant per day (contains Zinc, Vitamins C & E), 2 x Magnesium per day, 2 x Calcium per day. A word of warning: Only take these minerals in food (foodstate) form. Ordinary inorganic minerals won’t work




Dietary help:

-  Freshly grated ginger root as an infusion

-  Plenty of water. Dehydration causes cramp

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