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Orange, Grapefruit or Lemon: Which is the healthiest?

Lemon of Course!

The general health benefits of citrus fruits within the Immune system is often considered because of its link to the prevention of some types of cancer.


There is a big distinction to be made regarding the chemistry of the broad citrus group, which is not ideal to our body’s needs in a temperate climate.

The Orange:

This fruit contains chemical compounds that can over stimulate the liver when consumed in temperate climates, releasing undesirable toxins from the liver that are free to “roam” our system. We do not sweat out these toxins in our climate and, together with the increase in acidity, this is undesirable. Mass produced oranges are also picked green and shipped to market to be ripened later, resulting in virtually no calcium and very little vitamin C.

The Grapefruit:

There are health benefits that can be derived from the grapefruit and these include benefits for the heart, anti cancer and improved sleep patterns. However this fruit should be considered as a medicine food and caution (perhaps even more than the orange) should be used when consuming it. The grapefruit does inhibit the secretion within the GUT of essential enzymes which cannot function in the presence of this fruit and its chemical compounds. Grapefruit is also known to adversely interact with certain medications that can render them ineffective.

The Lemon:

The health benefits of the lemon can be recalled from “the good old days” when medical practice took notice of healing foods. In every hospital in the UK bottles of PLJ (pure lemon juice) were used in the wards. When they changed from pure lemon juice to a flavoured cordial, the healing effects stopped. A small sample of health benefits of lemons within the digestive system include:

Lemon (juice) alleviates Constipation.

Lemon (extract) kills some types of Intestinal parasites (especially roundworms).

Lemon dissolves gallstones (due to the limonene content of lemon).  

Lemon (juice) significantly helps to eliminate kidney stones and alleviates the pain of kidney stones; this was an old and trusted herbal remedy before we found out that only proper medicine works!!!

  • There are several clinics that use lemons to boost the Immune system and suggest that they help to prevent many cancers (due to limonene content).

  • Lemon juice (drunk early morning) improves the function of liver metabolism.

  • Lemons support the respiratory system and research demonstrates that lemon juice alleviates some of the symptoms of the common cold.