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Good Fats, Bad Fats

Food State Essential Fatty Acid Complex – A truly unique product

Essential fats are unfortunately very susceptible to damage from sunlight and air. Our essential fats (extracted from Flax seeds) are unique in that the Foodstate growth process protects the fats from becoming unstable or oxidised. No other process achieves this

Why are they Important?

- They support the Immune System  

- They support the Cardiovascular System: Flax seed oil helps to prevent Atherosclerosis and abnormal blood clotting. This combination of EFAs has a significant role in lowering elevated blood pressure in Hypertension

- Hair: These EFAs help alleviate some cases of Alopecia. The EFA complex is known to be helpful for the treatment of dandruff and does improve the condition of “dull” hair

- Eye Sight: The EFA complex is known to improve sight and colour perception 

- Metabolism: The EFA complex has been shown to lower total serum cholesterol levels by up to 9% and lower LDL Cholesterol levels by up to 18%

- Obesity: The EFA complex is a useful adjunctive treatment for obesity and does help the kidneys to eliminate excess water and increase the body's basal metabolic rate, oxidation rate and production of energy

- The Nervous System: Improve the condition of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) patients and may treat some cases of depression. These EFAs have alleviated manic depression and help improve mental function of elderly people, and help in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

- Bones: The EFA complex improves the metabolism and absorption of Calcium.

- Pregnancy: The EFA complex has been shown to make pregnancy less "eventful" and may make deliveries easier and may produce healthier offspring