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Squeaky Knees? Sore Shoulder? Aching Joints?

There are a variety of nutrients that contribute to joint health.  The main minerals for healthy bones are calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, but the vitamins D and C are also directly involved by helping in the absorption of calcium (vitamin D3) and the manufacture of collagen (vitamin C) to bind bone cells together.  Other minerals also involved in bone are IronZinc, Copper, Silicon and Sulphur.

An area not to be ignored is the blood supply, vital for taking nutrients to the bones.  Therefore the B-vitamins, especially B6 and folic acid can also be beneficial.

Food State nutrients supply these nutrients in one formulation, a Joint & Bone Formula. What is more, phosphorus is inexplicably linked with Calcium in Food State (as phosphorylated calcium) ensuring both are in a form that can be readily absorbed and utilised.

A word of caution about Calcium Supplements: Don’t take them unless in Foodstate form. They don’t help and upset the absorption of other nutrients important to bone health

Diet Tip:

Protein consumption in general is an important factor in bone nutrient absorption.  There is a direct correlation between meat consumption and bone loss, with women over 50 excreting twice as much calcium if they are heavy meat eaters as those who are not. High meat consumption increases acidity in the stomach, which over time encourages acidification of the body tissues resulting in increased calcium loss from the bones. Well-balanced vegetarian diets therefore appear to result in less cases of osteoporosis, and replacing meat protein in the diet with plant-based proteins may be beneficial to bone health.  Try beans, soya, nuts and seeds instead of meat to provide more bone-friendly protein.  Women who consume soya regularly (e.g. in Japan) have very little osteoporosis.

The Jersey Food State Joint & Bone multi vitamin and mineral formula is designed to promote the health of the bones and joints in one healthy Foodstate product:

Minerals    Vitamins
Calcium  65 mg     Vitamin D     10 µg   
Magnesium  45 mg    Vitamin C      60 mg 
Zinc    3 mg     Vitamin B6      2 mg 
Iodine  70 µg     Folic Acid      200 µg 
Boron   3 mg     Vitamin K        50 µg 
Copper  1 mg  
Manganese 0.5 mg  
Molybdenum 0.5mg