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Rhodiola With Vitamins B5 and B6

Rhodiola With Vitamins B5 and B6

Our Rhodiola Supplement is sourced from the adpatogenic herb, Rhodiola, which has been used traditionally to alleviate symptoms associated with:

• Anxiety
• Stress


Vitamins B5 and B6 are proven to:

• Support the nervous system, 
• Improve mental performance and energy-yielding metabolism
• Help us combat tiredness and fatigue

60 x 200mg Rhodiola, 20mg B5, 5mg B6 Vegan Capsules

£15.50 excl. VAT




Product Benefits: Our Rhodiola Extract with Vitamins B5 and B6 helps to:

• Reduce stress
• Improve symptoms of anxiety
• Improve mental and physical fatigue
• Support brain function
• Support the nervous system
• Maintain normal function of the circulatory system and provide cells with oxygen and nutrients


Stress, anxiety and other factors that affect our mental health is considered a “modern pandemic”. Learning to manage this with activities that stimulate us in a positive way is fundamental to our overall health. The ingredients in this supplement help us to manage stress and anxiety, and support our nervous system, improving our psychological function. Our “Foodstate” vitamins B5 and B6 are complexed in a food base to allow us to absorb, use and retain them properly



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