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Selenium: An Important Defence against Viruses

Selenium: An Important Defence against Viruses

The importance of optimum selenium levels with regard to our Immune System cannot really be overstated. 

Selenium is very necessary for the proper functioning of our immune system and optimum selenium levels have been shown in clinical studies to help reduce the risk of developing many different forms of undesirable cell mutations


Antibodies fight disease: Clinical studies have also shown that optimum selenium levels significantly help to stimulate and increase the white blood cells that defend the body against foreign organisms by producing more antibodies


Healthy Heart: Optimum selenium levels helps to protect our cardiovascular system and promotes a healthy heart 

  • Selenium is essential to the proper function of the immune system and boosts our defences and resistance to infection

  • It improves male fertility and prevents miscarriage

  • Low levels are associated with depression and other mental disorders 

  • High levels help prevent cancer

  • Deficient levels in the diet may even have played a role in the emergence of new strains of the flu virus in China and the crossing of the HIV virus from animals to man in Central Africa


It is a sad fact that Selenium is virtually non-existent in our farm soils today, and the health consequences are significant. Ordinary Selenium supplements have toxicity concerns and are not as effective as Foodstate Selenium


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