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Vitamin D Is Necessary For The Elderly Because It Supports The Lungs

Vitamin D Is Necessary For The Elderly Because It Supports The Lungs

This vitamin is very important, especially for elderly people who are at much higher risk from Coronavirus than the young

Elderly people have to fight much harder to overcome this virus and the real danger is the onset of pneumonia in the elderly and this is where Vitamin D can save lives

Spanish Flu: The first conclusive evidence of the importance of Vitamin D was during the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918. Medics couldn’t understand why death rates reduced, when the virus was in an expansion phase. It soon became evident that the warmer weather was allowing people to generate Vitamin D from the sun and it was protecting their respiratory systems


For Those Who Are Vulnerable: So elderly people and those with either respiratory conditions or weaker immune systems should be taking Foodstate Vitamin D, to help reduce pandemic mortality rates. 

  •  Vitamin D is important for controlling infections so it’s only logical that it reduces your risk of contracting flu and common colds
  • High-dose Vitamin D lowers the risk of respiratory illness and lung infection


Why Foodstate Vitamin D?

Because it is created in a food form it is much better absorbed used and retained than ordinary Vitamin D supplements



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