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Struggling With Negative Emotional States?

Struggling With Negative Emotional States?

Mental health issues are a serious concern in our world today and it seems to transcend everyone in our society, irrespective of age, class or background. Thankfully most of us don’t fall in to the category of serious mental health issues but at times we can all feel a bit down, depressed, anxious or angry.


Here are a few tips to brighten your day:

-  Try to avoid negative emotional states. This may sound obvious, but sometimes we can talk ourselves in to feeling low simply to bring attention to ourselves


-  Avoid negative people. We all know who these people are, so avoid them and mix with people with positive mental attitudes


-  If you feel stressed: Try yoga or meditation. Take the time to completely remove yourself from your daily routine and immerse yourself in something that offers an enjoyable escape


-  Avoid stimulants: Cigarettes, alcohol and sugar are not helpful solutions


And Some Nutritional Support:

Karoshil is a foodstate supplement providing nutrients that play a role in normal neurological and cardiac function and supports people living high-stress lives and suffering from tiredness and fatigue, anxiety and depression. It contains many B vitamins that are a great “pick-me-up”, and Siberian ginseng which is a recognised “de-stresser”



Magnesium: Alleviates stress by improving the function of the adrenal glands and by counteracting stress-induced magnesium depletion.

Zinc: Zinc deficiency can lower the body's adaptability to stress.

Selenium: Research has shown that the optimum Foodstate Selenium provides a host of health benefits for the Nervous System.


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