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Summer-time Can Put a Bit Of Pressure On the Liver!”

Summer-time Can Put a Bit Of Pressure On the Liver!”

BBQ’s, wine and beer are all good fun but does put the liver under a bit of pressure

The significance to good health and proper liver function is fundamental. The liver processes three pints of blood per minute and has significant influence over the quality of fluids circulating around the body delivering nutrients and facilitating the removal of waste


The liver’s main functions are in digestion, assimilation of nutrients, storage of resources, red blood cell production and detoxification.  The latter is the most vital to the body’s wellbeing


In our daily lives we are bombarded by exo-toxins (those which we encounter in the environment such as cigarette smoke and car fumes) and endo-toxins (the waste by products of metabolism which the body has to expel in order to maintain health.  With optimum nutritional and lifestyle choices the liver will retain its integrity and efficiency and therefore will neutralise all these toxins. Under such circumstances we will be oblivious to the hard work which is going on in there! If our diet is insufficient however, and we are subject to stress, excess tiredness and take in substances such as alcohol, damaged fats and drugs the liver’s functions will become deficient and we will start to feel the consequences.  Sluggishness and a ‘woolly feeling head’ are distinct symptoms which may well be due to an overworked liver.


Summary of Supplements to Support Liver Detoxification:

1x Multi-Vitamin and mineral tablet twice daily (am and pm) for one month.

1 x Antioxidant + Coenzyme Q10 tablet twice daily (am and pm) for one month.

2 x Milk thistle daily 


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