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5 Excellent Ways to Keep Fit & Healthy This Summer

5 Excellent Ways to Keep Fit & Healthy This Summer

We normally feel more vibrant, more inspired and more energetic in summer. Here are 5 fantastic ways to maintain a fit and healthy body this summer


Probiotic E505: Keep the gut healthy despite the onslaught of excessive food and drink over Summer. It assists with digestion, improves the immunity and has an alkalising effect on the digestive system



Caprylic Acid: A beneficial dietary fat and a number of herbs that cleanse the gut and eliminate candida albicans, which are generated from too much refined sugar. It assists with digestion and prevents constipation



Magnesium: We store Magnesium in the liver and it is destroyed by alcohol. Replenishing our Magnesium levels keeps us full of energy, helps with sleep patterns and protects the nervous system



Milk Thistle: This excellent herb has a protective effect to the liver 



Organic Pea Protein: Ideal for sports people and for those who don’t eat much protein. It is the richest plant-based protein available, perfect in smoothies and keeps you feeling full for longer



Raw Food: Eat plenty of raw food, it is low in calories, high in nutrition and full of lovely enzymes to improve the digestion


A brief word about BBQ’s. Although they are good fun and make food taste lovely, don’t eat barbequed food too often because it really isn’t healthy, and it’s all due to HAA’s - Carcinogenic Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines caused by cooking meat at high temperatures



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