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Enjoy Summer By Eating Foods That Give You Lots Of Energy!

Enjoy Summer By Eating Foods That Give You Lots Of Energy!

Do you struggle with lethargy, fatigue, poor stamina when exercising, poor metabolism and digestion, nervous exhaustion?


Foodstate Supplements Known to help increase Energy:

Vitamins: B1 / B2 / B3 / B5 / B6 / B12 / Biotin / Vitamin C / Folic Acid - All available in our Vitamin B Complex

Minerals: Magnesium / Copper / GTF Chromium / Iodine / Manganese / Zinc / Potassium

Fats: Essential Fatty Acid Complex containing all of the important fats


Foods: There are too many foods to list, but try to make at least 20% of your diet raw food and eat as much organic fruit and vegetables as possible

Fish and seafood generally provide healthy proteins and fats that provide energy. Try to eat deep water fish to avoid intake of heavy metals

Fruit is abundant in summer, eat a wide variety of fruit and avoid too many acidic fruits. Oranges and grapefruits should only be eaten occasionally but lemons are very healthy and should be squeezed over everything!

Nuts and seeds generally have healthy fats and proteins and provide energy and plenty of fibre to assist digestion

Most Virgin Oils are very healthy if eaten raw. Avoid palm oil and any so-called “healthy spreads”

Vegetables provide a wide variety of health benefits, especially those eaten raw. Be adventurous with salads and vegetarian dishes and see your energy levels soar!



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