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How’s The Beach Body Looking?

How’s The Beach Body Looking?

Summer is almost here and if you would like to look and feel fitter this Summer, here are some top-tips for you:


  1. Organic Pea Protein: The richest plant-based protein available and 100% Vegan. Ideal for athletes or vegans/vegetarians who might be concerned about a lack of protein in their diets. Perfect in a smoothie for breakfast and you won’t feel hungry until lunchtime!


  1. E505 Probiotic: Any health improvement program will have a far better effect if the gut is functioning properly. Our Probiotic with Prebiotic improves the function of the gut and hence the strength of the immunity


  1. Magnesium: This essential mineral is desperately deplete from farm soils and is fundamental in its support of our health, in particular strong bones and teeth, a healthy nervous system and providing physical and emotional energy


  1. Multi Antioxidant with Co-Q10: Contains all the important antioxidants to support our immune systems, protect us from toxicity and support a healthy heart


  1. Summer Food: This is the best time of year to eat as much raw food as possible, in particular vegetables and salads. As a minimum, try to make 20% of your diet raw food, and as tasty as they are, don’t over-indulge in BBQ food. I know it tastes lovely but it contains unhealthy HAA’s (carcinogenic heterocyclic aromatic amines) 


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