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The Healthiest Pregnancy Supplement Available

The Healthiest Pregnancy Supplement Available

Important nutrients necessary to a Mother’s well-being are almost absent from the soil today so there is a likely need for supplementation


Why the Foodstate Company Formula? It is the result of 240 research papers and is the most balanced, healthy and complete pregnancy nutritional product available. It is 100% foodstate, so contains no chemical/synthetic nutrients common in ordinary supplements, just food nutrients

Avoid Toxicity: To create and support a new life, both Mother and Father need extra nutrition to replace what is absent within even a most carefully constructed diet. However, at this important time it’s wise to steer clear of synthetic, chemical materials commonly found in supplements  

Stay Natural: People are wary of supplementing at such a vulnerable time and it’s true that most so-called “natural” supplements are NOT structures ever found in live foods. A simple reading of the ingredients list on the label will reveal a list of chemicals, not food nutrients

Key Ingredients: Extensive research has resulted in a perfectly balanced multi-nutrient designed to provide everything pre-conception, during pregnancy and post-birth, including Folic Acid. Foodstate Folic Acid is over 4 times better absorbed than synthetic Folic Acid


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