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There is not much point taking supplements that your body doesn’t recognise

There is not much point taking supplements that your body doesn’t recognise

Nature does not create nutrients in chemical or synthetic form, but pharmaceutical companies do and they have become the worldwide “standard” for nutritional supplements. What’s concerning is that these so-called “natural” nutrients do not exist anywhere on this planet in live food, yet people throw them down their throats relentlessly!


Food nutrients differ fundamentally from these chemical, synthetic types. A plant turns a basic nutrient in to a food nutrient by adding a delivery system to it in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, etc. Without that delivery system we do not have the ability to absorb it, yet it is in this basic form that virtually all supplements exist. Taking calcium as an example, it is commonly sold as calcium carbonate, which is blackboard chalk, typically delivered in 1000mg tablets, yet our daily need is 30mg of food calcium, not 1000mg of chalk.


How do Foodstate nutrients differ? There is little point in swallowing tablets that the body can’t recognise, use and absorb. “Foodstate” is so successful in terms of efficiency because it emulates food’s natural processes. In the same way that a plant absorbs an inorganic nutrient from the soil and turns it in to a food from which we can benefit, our “re-naturing” process takes a basic nutrient and during a 2 week growing process, creates a nutrient in exactly the same food form that the plant creates. It can be properly absorbed, used and retained by the body and has none of the contra-indications typical of ordinary supplements. 


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