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Thinning Hair?

Thinning Hair?

What Causes Hair Loss? Either natural aging or a disrupted metabolic process, usually the latter. The main cause is the accelerated aging of the hair root, characterized by fibrosis. The hair roots become rigid and compress the blood vessels that nourish and stimulate hair roots.  The hair roots become weak causing subsequent hair loss and cause hair follicles to produce vellus hair.


Stress: Excessive stress may cause some types of hair loss, particularly alopecia, and often 2 – 3 months after a stressful episode, but if the stressful period is brief, regrowth normally occurs


Hyperthyroidism: May cause hair loss within 50% of those afflicted, causing the hair to become fine and soft. Iodine from our Organic Kelp is recommended


Psoriasis and Lupus: Psoriasis that affects the scalp may cause hair loss, as does Lupus


Free Radicals: Superoxide free radicals may be implicated in hair loss with both female and male pattern baldness. Beware of “cheap” forms of Coenzyme Q10 - they may metabolize within the body to form superoxide free radicals. Foodstate antioxidants are very helpful.


Recommended Foodstate supplements:

Multi Antioxidants with Q10 - 2 tablets daily for 6 weeks 

Vitamin B complex - 2 tablets daily for 6 weeks

Zinc and copper - 2 tablets daily for 6 weeks

Organic Pea Protein powder - 2 scoops daily in a smoothie

Organic Kelp - 2 capsules daily for 6 weeks


Rosemary oil massaged into the scalp or rosemary infusion applied topically to the scalp reputedly prevents hair loss by stimulating the activity of hair follicles.

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