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We’re In Gallery Magazine Next Month

Keep an eye out for our article “So What’s In Your Supplement?” Here’s a snippet:


65% of us Brits are taking daily supplements, and yet for years the medical world has been pointing out that there is little to no evidence that they work. 

If you want to supplement your diet, which you should to stay healthy, then you need to be purchasing the products which work. Enter The Foodstate Company, who create supplements full of vitamins and minerals in their 'food state' which your body recognises and can easily absorb use and retain. 


We met up with Andy Barnes, Managing Director of The Foodstate Company, to find out more:

"When buying your supplements you need to ask yourself three questions; can your body absorb it? Can it retain it? And can it then use it? We produce products where the answer is yes to all three questions, a shocking 98% of vitamins and minerals sold would have to answer no to all three questions. We've been in the industry 11 years and it's only now that light is being shed on this critical issue. If you consider that human adults need about 30mg of food calcium a day, we should seriously question why calcium supplements are often in 1000mg tablets!”

Read the full article in next month’s Gallery Magazine



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